November 5, 2016

[Video] Do I need an in-house lawyer for my startup? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 45

No, you don’t. And here’s the explanation why.

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As a start-up, do I need to hire an in-house lawyer? In a previous video, I talked about the need to hire a lawyer. Obviously, it’s not an in-house lawyer because in-house lawyers are expensive and usually don’t have things to do in the life of a startup, so it’s better for you early in a start-up to have an external lawyer. On the other hand, if you’re at a point where you need an in-house lawyer because they have enough work to do, in my opinion, you’re not a startup anymore.

At Mavenhut, we have 30 people hired, we have 4 years, 5 years almost of being a company, but we never felt the need to have an in-house lawyer. So, if you need a lawyer early in the life of the company, find a lawyer that you can work with, that you trust, at a law firm in the city that you have your company and work with them It’s not necessary to have an in-house lawyer. Thank you for watching!

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