October 27, 2016

Cold emails to investors or slowly building relationships? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 36

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What’s the best way? Is there a best way?

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The question is: cold emails or building relationships beforehand with investors, with potential investors, when raising money?

The thing is, what I know is that cold emails don’t really work. Most of the investors consider the fact that you get to them through a recommendation as the good sign of you hustling. Obviously cold emails can work from time to time, you know, but the I’ve done it was to get recommendations from my initial network of people that would invest in mystartup and then go from there by asking those investors or those potential investors if they recommend somebody else, being that they’re not interested in what we were building.

So, if I would recommend, I would recommend getting a warm introduction to investors. Don’t spend a lot of time building relationships with investors, because they’re business people, they know what you want from them. On the other hand, cold emails might work if you have no other choice but it’s not something that I would choose.

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