September 28, 2016

Daily, 1 Minute Videos: Bobby’s Minute

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Bobby's Minute

I’ve been interested in video for the last several months, thinking about a video project about business. That project is still in the works, but in order for me to get more comfortable at speaking English on video, I’ve started a small video series.

The temporary name of the series is Bobby’s Minute and it has one big self-imposed limitation: the videos need to be about 1 minute long. I don’t speak more than a minute, but the video might be a bit longer. When I speak I tend to ramble, so I think this limitation forces me to be more concise. My target is to add one video every day.

I speak about things I think are interesting or I answer questions I received on Facebook from friends.

Before letting you watch the videos below, remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel (go here for that) so that you receive the daily minute of interesting things :)

Keep in mind I don’t shoot videos daily, I just publish them daily. So, if you think I wear the same t-shirt every day, that’s not true :D I just shot more videos on the same day. This is not a daily vlog, where I tell you what I’ve done the day before. That’s a difficult one to pull if you want to shoot videos in advance :))

Here are the 6 videos published until now:

1. This one is about limiting yourself to be able to improve (like an elevator pitch limitation)

2. An answer to the question “What’s your process of learning new things?”

3. A lighter video about gelato as answer to “What makes you happy?”

4. I remember how important follow-ups are in your business life, so I thought I would mention this important habit

5. A mentor of mine told me how to think about being burned out thus helping yourself in getting rid of it

6. An answer to the question “What would you teach your mentee, if you had one right now?”

That’s it! Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel if you like them.