September 23, 2016

[Video] Limiting yourself to get better results – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 1

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Limit Yourself for Better Results

The first episode of a 1 minute video experiment. This one is on putting limits for yourself so you get better results.

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There’s a concept in business called “elevator pitch”. Basically, you need to tell in two minutes what your business is about.

When you first hear about it, you go nuts, because you can’t say anything in two minutes, right? You can’t say anything about your business in two minutes, but the thing is that, as time goes by, you realize that you get better at understanding what your business is really about and transmitting that specific information in just those two minutes.

This is one way where limiting yourself in any way actually gets a better result from what you’re trying to do. So, limiting yourself can improve your message.

It makes it more concise, clearer and it gets the message across a lot better. So, what I’m trying to do here is to limit myself to one minute per video as I do now.

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