September 28, 2016

[Video] Have an open mind as a mentee! – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 6

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What would you teach a mentee, if you had one? This video is the answer to this question. Since it’s a one minute video, it’s what I feel is the most important thing to have in a mentee-mentor relationship.

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Transcript: If you have a main key right now, what would you teach him?

This is a question I received on Facebook from a friend of mine and I thought a lot about it. I mean, in 1 minute I can’t really tell all the things that I would want to teach a mentee, but the most important thing: somebody that wants to be a mentee needs to know is that you need to have an open mind, you need to want to learn.

I mean, even if the person, your mentor, says things that you don’t really believe in, you really need to open your mind and try to understand if maybe they’re right and if what they tell you actually applies to you or not. So, have an open mind and go into that relationship really prepared to learn. That’s all you need.

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