January 8, 2017

[Video] How do I approach an angel investor by e-mail? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 83

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If I was an angel investor, this is EXACTLY what I’d want to read in an email.

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How do I approach an angel investor by e-mail? Well, simple: just send an email. If you’re sending an email to me asking for money, I’m going to assume that we don’t know each other, that we’ve never met previously and that you want to obviously talk to me. So, what I would want to see in the email are the following characteristics:

First of all, I want the email to be short: three paragraphs of the most. If you can’t put the information that I’m going to tell you about in three paragraphs, then it means that you don’t really have a clear idea about what you want to do in the company, what you want from me and you’ll just gonna waste my time. So, out of those three paragraphs, the first paragraph should be about what you want to do, about what your company does. It should be up to 3 sentences the most and just explain in a short-form what you’re doing. Bear in mind that what you want to do in those three sentences is not explain everything about your business. You just want to make me curious, so you get me to meet with you, because you’re not gonna sell me on investing in your company just by sending me an email. You still need to meet with me, so the main purpose of this email is to make me curious.

In the second paragraph, you should tell me how I can help. Angel investors are not dumb money, they’re not there just to give you money. They want to add knowledge, they want to help you with the company because angel investors invest in really early stage companies, so you need to tell me how I can help. You need to tell me why you’re coming to me and the reason should be another one then just getting money. You need to be out somewhere where I can help.

Finally, in the third paragraph, you need to tell me how you got to me. Maybe we know the same people, maybe someone recommended me and maybe you’ve read about me somewhere and this will explain why you think that we’re a good fit. So basically the email needs to be short: more than three paragraphs is too much. Send the email and if the angel investor doesn’t respond in the first week or so, send email again saying: look, I’ve sent this email a week ago, maybe you didn’t see it, sorry for sending it again but here it is. If the person doesn’t respond, they’re probably not interested.

My experience is though, that people will answer those emails when they see them, because we want to meet interesting people, we want to meet interesting companies, so why not? But make the email short enough so that it doesn’t take me a lot of time and interesting enough so that we meet. Interesting enough doesn’t mean long. Interesting enough doesn’t mean filled with information. We’re going to have a meeting afterwards and you’ll have 30 minutes – 1 hour time, enough to give me the information you want. The email should be short and interesting.

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