October 28, 2016

[Video] Which is the best accelerator for start-ups? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 37

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I can only recommend Startup Bootcamp from my own experience, but there are so many more.

SOSventures can be found here.

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What is the best accelerator for startups in your opinion? Since Mavenhut went through Startup Bootcamp, this is the accelerator I can recommend from our own experience. I’ve also heard good things about Y! Combinator, TechStars.

There are also a lot of accelerators that are industry based: Fintech, gaming, biotech, Internet of Things. Our investors, SOSventures, actually manage a lot of these industry-specific accelerators, so i’ll put a link in the description to their site, go and watch. But the thing, is the best accelerator is the one you can get yourself into, you can get your company into. It’s the one that you can go through. Just think about it: what if the accelerator that you want, that accepts you, takes you halfway around the globe for six months.

Will your family be able to manage that? Is your income enough to keep you fed and to give you a place to sleep there and you need to think about all these things. Choose an accelerator if you think it’s the right decision for you and go ahead with it.

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