October 22, 2016

[Video] The most common mistake in startups – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 31

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Doing lots of things beside the thing that you need to do.

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You’ve seen a lot of startups: what is the most common mistake amongst them? The biggest mistake i’ve seen at startups is not doing. You read a lot, you ask a lot, you network a lot, but you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do: you’re not getting shit done. So just do it! If you have an idea just go and do it! You’ll learn a lot more.

Especially when you’re doing things even your questions become better. Because you’re going to ask specific questions; you’re not gonna ask questions like how do I raise money? You’re going to ask a question like how do I raise money from somebody? Or you’re not going to ask the question like how do I sell products for $10,000?

You’re going to ask a specific question like how do i tackle that specific market and sell $10,000 worth of product for that specific audience. So do things! Even if you’re going the wrong direction, you’re going to course-correct as time goes by. Otherwise you’re just gonna be at the same point in your experience.

I remember a startup that I’ve talked to in November 2015, I think, and I told them: “OK, you need to do things, let’s meet again in February 2016 when you’ve done all the things that you’ve said”. When we met, they didn’t do anything. They expected things to happen, like somebody will come and help them and so on and so forth, but they didn’t do anything. I can’t help that kind of startup and nobody can help that kind of startup.

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