November 20, 2016

[Video] Do founders need to work full time on their startup before investment? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 60

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No, but the story changes once you have your first investment.

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Do the founders of a startup need to work full-time at the startup before getting investment?

The answer is “no”, you can get investment even if the founders aren’t working full-time at the start up. Most of the times, especially in the seed round, the investment is based on the general market that you are addressing, on the minimum viable product that you’re creating, on the strength of the team, so it’s not really necessary for the founders to work full-time.

What I don’t think is good, though, for the startup and I don’t think any investor would be too happy about it, is for a founder not to work full time after getting investment. If you want your investors to trust you, if you want your startup to work, the founders need to be focused on that specific startup and nothing else.

You already have a small chance of your startup to make it, don’t make it even more difficult for this to happen.

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