November 22, 2016

[Video] Should I go to bigger hubs? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 62

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If you’re not from a big country and plan to use that as an excuse to not have a startup, I’ve got bad news for you.

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I got this question that’s a little bit longer, so it need to read it because I can remember to recite it in front of the camera. What would be your advice for someone starting a product company from Romania or a similar country? Should we try to go to bigger hubs, like Berlin or London as soon as possible? What is the moment in time when we should go to bigger hubs and pitch out idea there?

So, if you have the financial power to move, I would suggest you move to a bigger hub. While most of the remaining startups that I know of have kept the developing in Romania while the sales outside of Romania (and you can do that as well, obviously), I think that if you can go to a bigger hub, you should do it.

Countries like Romania can offer a lot of advantages in terms of developing, in terms of building a product here, because it might be cheaper, you might pay less money for a better quality of developers, on the other hand, Romania doesn’t have the same network that you can have in bigger hubs and I’m talking about potential partners, potential investors.

You can’t really compare the two types of networks for the moment. You should go outside of your country if you’re not in a country with a bigger hub. On the other hand, if you don’t have the financial power to go there, by all means, start your company wherever you are. As the company starts growing, you’ll have the financial means to at least go to a bigger hub from time to time and start networking and start creating the relationship that you need there. I don’t think that not being in a hub should be the reason why you don’t start your company.

Start your company wherever you are and grow it from there. One thing though, especially for Romania because I know Romania quite well: if you’re starting a company, try to address the product globally. Even if you start your company from Romania, it’s going to be easier in the future to go outside, obviously because your market is already outside of Romania.

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