December 11, 2016

[Video] What habits do you have that helped you grow in the last years? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 75

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I have lots of habit which I believe have made their contribution to my growth. Reading is definitely one of them.

Here’s the productivity rule I told you about in the video.

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What daily or weekly habits do you have that helped you grow professionally and personally in the last 5 to 10 years? I think, productivity-wise, the most important rule I’ve learned is the 2 minutes productivity rule and I’ve actually talked about in a previous video that you can see here or here, click the link, there’s gonna be a link somewhere around here.

The other habit is: I love reading long-form, I love reading books, I love reading long articles, I love reading case studies so, long-form helps me because it also creates the context in which to apply what you’re learning and it’s the best way I learn.

Another habit that I have is always analyzing what I feel and why do I feel something in particular, so basically, if I feel that I’m not growing by doing what I was doing or if I’m not evolving in any way I’m going to look at it try, to understand if there’s a solution for me to continue growing, if not, I’m going to stop doing what I was doing. Even if it’s my place in a company, my role in a specific project; if I don’t enjoy it anymore, I usually stop doing it. In the last 10 years I’ve quit 2 really good jobs, I’ve fired clients, really well-paying clients, because I didn’t feel that they were helping me in any way or that we could work together.

And, finally, I love meeting new and interesting people all the time. And while doing this, I don’t mind being the guy that asks all the stupid questions. I always ask all the questions that I need, so that I can understand what makes those guys for those girls really great, what makes them really successful. I really enjoy understanding and trying to see how I can use what I learned from them in order for me to be more successful.

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