December 6, 2016

[Video] What do you love doing? – Bobby’s Minute, ep. 72

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This is another rather personal question which I enjoy receiving. Shows that people want to know stuff about me. Use the comments section if you have more questions for me.

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What do you love doing? I love reading and I love driving. I love driving so much, that I prefer taking a road trip to some other town instead of flying, even if the road trip takes 10-12 hours. Obviously, if it takes 3 days, i’m not going to do i,t but if it’s anything in the space of one day, I would rather drive then fly. For me, driving is my own form of meditation.

I just focus on the driving and I think of all the things that happen in my life and a lot of good ideas that I’ve had over the years, came from me driving longer distances. I also love playing games. I love story driven games, like Uncharted, The Witcher, Dishonored (not really a story driven game, but it is really great), old-style RPGs. I love playing games. I’ve been playing game since I was like 6, so that never stopped and, yeah, that’s kinda it.

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