December 8, 2016

[Video] What would you say to 28-year-old Bobby? – Bobby’s Minute, ep.74

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I’d tell him to fix stuff and not get those stupid stitches. And, of course, some other life advice.

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What would you say to 28 year old Bobby if he were standing right in front of you? And one thing: I’m 38 now, so basically, what would I say to myself 10 years ago, if I would know the things that I know right now? And truth is I would say things are going to work out, maybe not the way you think and not on the road that you envision ahead, but things are really going to work out.

You’re going to get to be the CEO of a successful company. Again, not in the space you thought it would be, but you’re going to be there. You’re also going to be well personally, so everything works OK. Just one thing: repair the [email protected]#$%g bathtub.

You have 5 stiches because you never repaired the [email protected]#$%g bathtub,  so do it now and maybe you don’t have to go to the hospital with a cracked head, OK? And it’s going to happen soon, so do it as fast as possible.

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