About Me

I’m Bobby Voicu, Romanian, online communication enthusiast, startup co-founder at MavenHut, wannabe business person, splitting my time between Dublin and Bucharest.

My full name is, actually, Bogdan Andrei Voicu, but thanks to my little sister, that couldn’t pronounce “Bogdan” when she was really young, I got named Bobby by everyone around me. And the name caught on, especially because Dallas was on the Romanian TV and everybody knew Bobby Ewing :)



tl;dr version:

I started to work online in 2005, been the Romanian representative for Yahoo! in 2008, started a consulting business in online communication, been involved in building the blogging community in Romania, co-founded a startup (MavenHut) in gaming, part of the 2012 cohort at Startup Bootcamp Dublin.

Long version:

– 2012 – co-founder of Mavenhut, a gaming company, as part of Startup Bootcamp Dublin.

– 2008 – 2012 – sold several websites and business built in the previous period of time (among them and – now

– 2009 – started my own online communication consulting business

– 2008 – started to work for Yahoo! as the representative in Romania

– 2006 – started a 2 hours radio show in Romania ( about internet. The show lasted 6 years.

– 2005 – started to work as freelance on (now