About Me

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I’m Bobby Voicu (pronounced Voikoo – video on how to pronounce it here), serial entrepreneur, startup co-founder at The CEO Library and MavenHut (read more about the company here), angel investor, mentor for startups (and accelerators like RebelBio and MVP Academy), Romanian living around Europe, somewhere, and visiting my home country from time to time.

Why “Bobby”?

My full name is, actually, Bogdan Andrei Voicu, but thanks to my younger sister, that couldn’t say “Bogdan” when she was really young, I got named Bobby by everyone around me. And the name caught on, especially because “Dallas” was broadcasted on the Romanian TV at the time and everybody knew about Bobby Ewing :)




tl;dr version:

I started my first business at 16, selling PCs. I then had some offline businesses.

I started to work online in 2005, I’ve been the Romanian representative for Yahoo! in 2008, started a consulting business in online communication in 2006, been involved in building the blogging community in Romania, sold some blogs, co-founded a startup (MavenHut) in gaming, part of the 2012 cohort at Startup Bootcamp Dublin. I recently launched The CEO Library, a place to find what books business people around the world recommend for their specific industry/space.

I’m also mentoring startups and companies and I invest in some of them (not many). I’m still involved in MavenHut and The CEO Library, though not operationally anymore.

Long version:

– 2017 – co-founder of The CEO Library

– 2016 – I started to invest in several funds: SOSV III, MVP Fund, as well as on my own in some companies.

– 2012 – co-founder of Mavenhut, a gaming company, as part of Startup Bootcamp Dublin.

– 2008 – 2012 – sold several websites and business built in the previous period of time (among them and – now

– 2009 – started my own online communication consulting business (closed in 2013 to solely focus on MavenHut).

– 2008 – started to work for Yahoo! as the representative in Romania (1 year, until 2009)

– 2006 – started a 2 hours radio show in Romania ( about internet. The show lasted for 6 years.

– 2005 – started to work as freelance on (now