December 21, 2017

Add Favicons to Safari on MacOS

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I dislike Chrome more and more every day. The memory issues, the fact that when it comes back from sleep the extensions stop working…

What stopped me from using Safari more is, among other things, not having favicons on the tabs. When you are working with multiple tabs it’s a lot easier to use the browser if you have visual help in form of those favicons.

Here’s a solution for Safari. Not the best one, but not horrible:

Using Faviconographer to enable favicons on Safari tabs

Step 1: Download and install Faviconographer.

Step 2: Run the utility.

Step 3: Open System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Accessibility and enable Faviconographer.

Step 4: Configure the utility’s preferences to your liking (enabled favicons on tabs, bookmarks bar, or both).

solution from 9to5mac

Just thought you’d want to know :)