January 1, 2015

Business Ideas: Heaven and Hell Lounge/Club

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Business Ideas: Heave/Hell Lounge/Club

Ideas are a dime a dozen. We all have them, all the time. So I decided to share some of my business ideas (some that I had a while ago, some that I think would work now). Who knows, maybe someone can do something interesting about them. It’s gonna be a series of articles, so just one idea today, ok? Don’t get greedy!

First idea came to me about 15 years ago, while managing a night club (duh!): Heaven/Hell.

It was supposed to be a two levels location:

Below (in Hell) a night club that would only work after 9pm (or later). A lot of black & red, with waiters serving you in Devil suits (lots of latex involved, probably, as some designer said at some point). Of course, both men and women, to cater to all tastes :D

Above (in Heaven) should be a lounge with a lot of light colors (variations of white) and, obviously, waiters serving you would be dressed in… Angels, with the circle above the head and everything: wings, white clothes, feathers. This part of the business would be open during the day and serve lounge type of drinks (even light food, maybe?)

Obviously, I didn’t start it but, if you ever do, let me know about it so I can visit.

Later Update: I’ve found out (from the comments [in Romanian]) that there is a similar idea club in the game Hitman Blood Money (see it here, on YouTube). Since I had the idea before the game appeared, all I can think is that one of the level creators came to the club I managed then and heard me :D Or, the truth, everybody has ideas. It’s only natural that, at some point, someone has a similar idea with you. Thanks for the heads up!

Disclaimer: I am not interested in any financial returns, ownership or something similar regarding this idea :)) Ideas are not really relevant, execution is. So if you like something I thought of, run with it and do something cool. If you want to tell me about it, I’d love to know, but it’s not necessary. I also assume that my idea will just spark ideas in someone’s mind, so I would also like to know about these, if possible :)

Image: Woman must choose between the devil or angel from ShutterStock