April 26, 2017

Food for Thought: Over Invested, Less Objective

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“Because of the amount of money I’d spent, I felt incredibly invested in making sure the car was always perfect. It made me realize that most rich assholes are just too protective of their stuff.”

I’ve found this quote on the okdork blog, in this article. While Noah Kagan talks about buying a $70,000 Jaguar F-Type (which in Ireland is about €140,000), I think we feel the same about anything that we invest a lot in – either money or time.

What happens when we invest too much in something, relatively to what we can afford? We become overprotective. We stop being objective, all of a sudden. We overvalue the thing even more. It also becomes a defining part of us. And I don’t think it’s good.

It happens when you invest money in a business, as well. The business you invested the most money in gets the most of your time, even if it might not be the best business you invested in.

It happens when you invest time in relationships: it’s gonna be a lot more difficult to see the problems with your childhood friends or your long term relationship.

Food for thought: when is it too much for you? Financially and time wise?