August 19, 2013

Just Enjoy Good News

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This month MavenHut is hitting some awesome fine round numbers and I am taking a break from the regular posting to revel on it:

1. We’ve hit 1 million Monthly Active Users for Solitaire Arena (we’re actually closing on 1.5 million)

For Facebook games, this is a really important milestone, since this means we are going to the 1-5 million tier, with the “Big Boys” :)

2. Since we’ve improved a lot on retention and acquisition, we keep growing really well and, as a consequence, we’ve hit, for the first time, top 100 Facebook Games. Which is awesome!

We’ve posted on our company’s site a little bit more numbers, but for the moment I am extremely, truly happy that the company is doing well. So bear with me for not writing something else and just enjoying the moment. In a startup, happiness rarely truly lasts, so I am taking as much as I can now :D