April 9, 2017

RebelBio mentoring in Cork, Ireland

For the next 3-4 months I’ll mostly be in Cork, Ireland, where I’m mentoring the teams for RebelBio, a BioTech accelerator that SOSV has created here about 4 years ago. SOSV is, as some of you may know, the investor in MavenHut and our partner there since 2012.

I will actually act as an “entrepreneur in residence”/”I understand what you’re going through” person here for the newly minted entrepreneurs, while I’m also trying to understand BioTech and what it means in terms of investment and entrepreneurship.

Of course, BioTech means life changing things, as well: solving humanity’s problems like cancer, food shortages, food poisoning, just to give you an idea of some of the things these teams are working on. The thing is, though, I will never be a scientist, but I can be an investor, a mentor, an adviser or, why not, at some point in time, a co-founder of a BioTech company. And I want to understand what it means. This is why I’m not necessarily focusing my attention on the science part. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be ever in a position to do something directly in this area :)

The teams are now in the pre-accelerator period (when they learn more about the business side of things), before going to the product creation side of things (R&D, lab time, basically). I’ll update you on what they as time goes by and I get a grip of what the hell they’re creating :D

So, for the next several months, I’ll also write about Cork a little bit. A small city compared to Bucharest and a completely different lifestyle for me. I mean, in 10 minutes I’m out of the city, while in Bucharest, some days, I’d still be trying to get out of the side street I’m coming from, trying to get to my destination. Actually, for the first time in the last 20 years, I will not have a car at hand (mine or somebody else’s). Which is really weird :)

Sun and rain in Cork City, Ireland

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Update: Because I was asked: Cristi is now managing MavenHut. I’m still part of the board of the company, but since I’m more and more interested in investing, I’ve cut my time operationally as much as possible.

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