September 21, 2013

Saturday Game: A Dark Room

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The best games there are have great story and great graphics. Or do they? :)

Last game I’ve played from start to finish was Last of Us. Awesome story, the graphics were gorgeous. The art takes you and gets you hooked in the apocalyptic world of the game, making it alive and almost real. What would be a game without this kind of design?

Well, A Dark Room tries to do exactly that: use your imagination as the graphic designer. The “simplest” game in terms of design, since it runs in the browser, it is just a bunch of text with some actions you need to take as the game unfolds. And unfold it does, since I played on and off about 2 hours and there was still lots of things to do.

You start in a dark room, in a dark forest. And you start a fire. Then you need to chop some wood. Then you hear something…

It’s a great game, something I didn’t think I would see anymore, a reminder of the text adventure games of the Z80 era (like Zork or The Hobbit).

If you never played these kind of games it might look strange. But think of it as an interactive book and start playing it. You should be hooked in no time :)

P.S.: I’ve found A Dark Room in this list on reddit, a list one of my colleagues at MavenHut, David, found. Thanks a lot! This is how a weekend goes…