September 14, 2013

Saturday Game: Last of Us

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I don’t like zombie movies. I don’t really like horror movies, to be frank. Still, there are two zombie games that I loved playing this year. One of them is The Walking Dead (I loved the story driven game, played it on the iPad on a transatlantic flight) and the other one is the one I am gonna tell you about: the PS3 game Last of Us.

I’ve first heard of the game about 2 years ago (a little bit less, maybe), after playing Uncharted 2. The same studio that did Uncharted, Naughty Dog, was supposed to build a really interesting zombie game, that would take the work from the Uncharted series to new heights.

The thing is, though, that a zombie game wasn’t exactly what I expected. Still, I some more trailers and screenshots from the game, as well as some info on the plot made me interested in the game.

So, finally, in the summer of 2013 Last of Us saw the light of day. And it’s one of the most gripping stories I’ve seen in a video game. You start with a loving father and end playing with a bitter killer. Still, through the entire campaign, you might not love the guy, but you will enjoy the father-daughter relationship that grows between the two characters.


The actual graphics and animation are some of the best I’ve seen in a game. Even Uncharted 3, made by the same studio, feels worse when compared. You will see the wildlife in the cities of USA (Saint Louis, among them) and you’ll feel that you are looking at a documentary of a real event.

Unfortunately, the game is only available to PS3 owners. If you have the opportunity, borrow the PS3 from a friend, take 2 days free and play the game. Last of Us is the best combination between a book and a movie I’ve ever seen. How about the zombies? Well, they are some of the enemies. The most difficult ones, actually, but I feel that they are just the setup of the story. Otherwise, the game is about what we do for the things we believe in.

Just look at the trailer and the extended presentation from E3 2013 below: