March 18, 2018


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No, it’s not me. I rarely, if ever, drink alcohol. But I just found out the history of the word and it’s quite funny :))

It seems like the word shitfaced, as we know it (meaning drunk off your ass) appeared back in the day, in Scotland. Before they had any toilets, they used to throw their, um, chamber pot contents in the street. Only they wouldn’t do it anytime during the day, they would do it early in the morning, at a special time, when the church bells rang and everybody would open their windows, chamber pots in hand. They would yell “gaurdy loo!” and splash everything into the street. Only this time coincided with the time the bars closed and drunk people would stumble into the street on their way home. When they heard yell “gaurdy loo”, drunk and disoriented they would look up and… that’s how they’d get shitfaced 😁

The source of this particular bit of knowledge? The Instagram post below (or click here if it’s not showing up properly):

Yeap, don’t look up!