October 6, 2017

The CEO Library Story – Month #1

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I talked about The CEO Library here. It’s a passion project I started about the books recommended by the people we look up to.

After 3 weeks, we have some numbers from the project. The reason I’m adding writing this post is to keep me and my team accountable and, frankly, I think it’s an interesting exercise and it could be a good resource for the future. In the last 2-3 years I was often sorry I didn’t write more about MavenHut’s evolution, so I’m doing this for The CEO Library.

Traffic: 4190 unique users
Email subscribers: 164 emails
Facebook likes: 405
Twitter followers: 120
Instagram followers: 70
Total shares through SUMO widget: 47
Interviews: 9
Collections: 3
Books added: 605

Genuinely, I didn’t expect 4000 users in the first 2 weeks. I announced the project on my newsletter, to about 250 people. I’m not a hypocrite, I expected someone to share something, but I expected spikes of about 150 people and about 10 per day after the first several days. I was wrong :)

Even more important, though, I didn’t expect the excitement around the project from people that found out about it: I got about 100 emails/messages/calls about how interesting the project is, how they found more books to read and how they understood more things from the interviews about the books they already read.

OK, what’s next?

Well, we’ve grown the team, actually. Starting in the first week of October, Vlad and Theo got involved, as well. They were building another project I was involved in that wasn’t going where we wanted, so we got together to build The CEO Library faster.

We need to add more books to the database. More and more interviews and collections rely on them and, even if it looks like it’s a lot, 600 books added already is not that much :)

We’re also adding more providers for the books. Besides Amazon US and Amazon UK, we’re adding Book Depository and, hopefully, Barnes and Noble (they rejected our affiliate account request).

This is for this month. If you want to know something specific in the future, let me know.