September 4, 2018

No Virtual Machine apps in Spotlight search on MacOS

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One thing that annoys me on my Mac is the fact that apps from the Virtual Machines I use appear in Spotlight search. The issue appears when I have the same app on multiple operating systems: MacOS and Windows, let’s say. You search for Chrome, hit enter aaaaand… you start opening the Windows 7 virtual machine, instead of the MacOS Chrome app. I’ve found the solution today:

2. If you want keep Windows apps integrated but removed from Spotlight only. This changes from version to version of Parallels, but for version 7 do this. System Preferences –> Spotlight –> Privacy tab. Hit the + sign. Add the folder “Applications (Parallels).”

From here.

And yes, I’ve created this post just so I have the information at hand when, without a doubt, I forget how to do it again.